Passionate love

Passion, a strong feeling or belief. Is it good to be passionate, yes sometimes it can be difficult handle with and too much can be damaging .Here’s another free verse titled with enormous love 

“I was wrapped with whiteness and forbearance “

Bottled with winter winds

I,you and the closest 
Bottled with winter winds
Clones of one another 
Covered with passionate love

People see us in numerical holes
Driven with early thoughts
We grow our own cells,
We grow our own prejudice 
Immoral stars aren’t always ugly

My closest live with primary stigma,
Fallen and dived
Notions doesn’t matter
Empathy is a must
Buy our expensive hearts 
And bring the new twilight 

Writer: lenisky costa 

Here where the essence goes- livings with intensity and patience demanding for acceptance of their magnificent love and supportance by showing their greatest expedition of trust and maturity.


” There is an escape if we bring about a change ” holding my words in truth and right of respect .Here’s an another dramatic verse of alter (corrupt) with mysteries defaults 

Holding my peoples hand in vain”

Naked moves 

Walks were more often comfortable without pure guilt 
Words were left unsolved with masters of manipulation
We often slept with tremendous outfits with uncultured synonyms 
My sweet sorrow was disclamered 
Words of mystery, words of action
Let me move from high hills to plateau 
Naked moves with naked body
Established respect with honors of fibber
Never lead expectations with true being 
Grounded myself with richness and individual 
Prosperity was never an option 
Self written citizens with disloyal accents 

Writer: Lenisky costa 

Here where the essence goes: we are often tought as  “nothing worth having comes easy ” but intentionally mankind was plumped for shortcuts where it lead to corruption and fibbers around .The whole composition depicts an entirely falsify community with wholesome of greed and mislead success .

Past childhood

Here’s something we all know about, age 13 a division of age ,a start of adolescence. 

A rhythm of joyous and experimental 

 Age 13

Always remembered 
When life was a feather
Us greeting our pleasure 
As examples of following 

Age old places and its glory
Valued our perception 
We ruled our reasoning 
But not our sentiments 

Unforeseen needs and impression 
In our contemporary 
With fine arts of misery 
And fondness of outbreak

Writer:lenisky costa

Here where the essence goes- the writer depicts the age old remembrance of its plumed life .a parallel onset of leading lady but is restricted from the present she is following through with an outbust of reality 


Heart sick

“In my dreams I was drowning my sorrows but my sorrows have learned to swim”

And there’s where we carry our own grieve

Here’s a short poem about self carriage with words of misery and gloom

99th story

What a tremendous thing
We publicize our own thoughts
Phrases with Sorrowful voices
Urge of existing readers

Rubbing my bared face with sludge
Hopeless dark fantasies
Petrifying my self esteem
Glorious mysteries defaults

Glasses with wine ,holding upto the stairs
Viewed with blushful ideas
Strengthen my scars with awards
Drown my leg in summer hot springs

Oh what a tremendous things
With awful signatures
Praising our despairs

Writer- Lenisky costa

Here’s where the essence goes- there is bunch full of sadness and regret in ones own deep. Realization is a great achievement. We takeaway our mortality according to what we desire and for not what’s in great importance. In order to love who you are you can hate the experiences that shaped you

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